Use your message cap wisely

In the famous words of Hamilton, “Don’t (I’m not) throwing away my shot”. Make sure you are targeting the right audience and TotalSDR will do the rest. It’s that simple.


Just reading through the new guidance coming from Google and Yahoo about daily messaging caps and other limitations to help fight spam. Even ZDNet is covering this for generalized outbounding. I for one am incredibly excited about these new rules. Spam for me is very distracting and fills up my inbox causing me to miss important information from vendors who actually have valuable offerings. I even still get some internal messaging from those who haven’t learned to use slack. And those messages are often missed because I have learned to ignore my inbox.


A synopsis of the limitations are: 

  1. You have to make unsubscribing easy

  2. You must use DKIM, SPF, and/or DMARC validation

  3. You cannot send more than 5000 messages per day

  4. Aim to keep your spam rate below 0.10%.

  5. Avoid a spam rate of 0.30% or higher, especially for any sustained period of time.


Some of these are pretty strict requirements. Think about 5000 emails a day, and > 15 emails reported as spam and you can get blocked.

So what does this mean to outbound messengers like AEs, SDRs, BDRs, etc?

You will have to make sure the messages you are sending are messaging the right people, at the right time, with the right message. The message must focus on something of value to the prospect. Otherwise you will get banned. Gone are the days of shotgun blasting emails to anyone in your contact database. Instead, every email you send needs to be relevant, personalized, and timely.

Recommendations of what to do

  • When using sequencing tools like Outreach, Salesloft, Hubspot etc, make sure you are following the best practices from each provider. Here is a shortcut to the Outreach guidance for updated admin settings. It is crucial you make a call as an organization to how closely you want to skate to the line for messaging limits.
  •  Work with your sales teams to make sure everyone understands the limits. I am already seeing customers run into limits from some sequencing tools that get their domains email banned for periods of time, preventing any kind of email sending. And as always this happens right before a big meeting. 
  • Work with marketing to generate compelling message styles and help identify the right ICP, the right persona, and the right way to personalize your outbound. Marketing should help guide the sales team on the messaging so that both sales and marketing are closely aligned. The last thing you want is sending tons of SPAM and confusing your prospective audience.
  • Make every message count by following:

How do you do this at scale?

TotalSDR is focused on serving this specific market by understanding your company, understanding your customers, hyper-personalizing the messaging around pains, and helping with sequencing your messaging so that it lands correctly. We give you the ability to upload contact records to TotalSDR so that you can accomplish hyper-personalization. You can also create custom scripts (prompts) within the site that makes sure the message caters to the audience you are sending it to. There’s no limit (at the moment) to the number of custom scripts you can create for the audience you are trying to reach. These custom scripts use tags so that personalization is agnostic to who you send it to so that you aren’t making mistakes such as hardcoding.

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