Introducing our latest feature: Sequences

Sequences allow you to plan outreach activities, generate their content, and take action on them so you can rapidly scale your prospect and lead generation efforts.

The Sequences feature is the third major feature release in our platform, following Opportunity Landscapes and Deep Dives. These three features integrate together to create a cutting-edge workflow for streamlining top-of-funnel sales activity. This video demo showcases the core pieces of our platform needed to create a sequence, showing all of it in action.

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Sequences are LIVE, so get started today!

Here’s what a 15 – 30 minute, full-depth introduction to our platform might look like for the common user:

  1. create a Company Profile (who are you selling on behalf of?)
  2. create an Ideal Customer Profile aka ICP (who are you selling to?)
  3. generate an Opportunity Landscape identify and clarify new prospects:
    • see the competitors and similar companies in their space
    • see the things they have in common and how they’re interconnected
    • if you can or want sell to one of these companies, chances are you can sell to another!
  4. generate a Deep Dive on a prospective company to identify outreach targets:
    • see common pain points for companies like this
    • see the roles commonly responsible for addressing these pain point
    • see how they’re all interconnected
  5. upload resumes and profiles downloaded from LinkedIn for the most personalized and context-aware outreach content possible
  6. start building your Sequence to create an actionable outreach campaign:
    • choose the ICPs, custom narratives, and pain points you want to address
    • plan activities by selecting a Contact Profile (a person), an Outreach Style, and the date you’re planning make contact
  7. start your Sequence to begin generating content
    • review and apply highly-personalized outreach content by copy/pasting into your email client or sending directly with GMail
    • mark your activities complete as you work through them
  8. Reflect! This is where you should start realizing the potential of the toolset available to you. In a relatively limited short period of time, you’ve:
    • explored new and existing prospective companies
    • identified the roles and job titles you need to target
    • constructed a rich, scalable, and actionable plan for making contacting with new leads

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