Tyler Denton standing on a beach in front of the ocean
Tyler Denton is an accomplished leader and team-builder, known for spearheading complex technical projects and fostering cross-functional collaboration in various roles.

Tyler Denton has a track record of exemplary leadership and software architecture roles, which will undoubtedly benefit his new venture as a founder of TotalSDR. He has a demonstrated history of designing and developing highly scalable, secure distributed systems, thanks to his experience ranging from Machinst Mate 2nd Class in the US Navy to  Principal Sales Engineer at Rockset. Tyler has lead key initiatives such as implementing 21CFR part 11 in the ERP system and performing multiple on-prem to on-prem and on-prem to cloud migrations. These experiences have honed his leadership skills and his ability to successfully deliver projects while collaborating with cross-functional teams.

In his role as Principal Sales Engineer at Rockset, Tyler continued to illustrate his leadership prowess, working closely with sales and engineering teams to provide data-related solutions across various industries. His expertise in data analytics, data warehousing, and cloud service providers has been pivotal in designing and implementing effective real-time analytics solutions in a secure and fault-tolerant manner. Additionally, Tyler’s strong communication skills and team-centric approach further underscore his leadership abilities and ensure a streamlined sales and post-sales process.

As he steps into the role of founder at TotalSDR, Tyler’s extensive software architecture experience will be a key asset. His comprehensive background in architecting, developing, deploying, and maintaining solutions written in Java, Python, PHP, and Node.js on technologies including k8s, akka, AWS, GCP, Couchbase, and Rockset will be invaluable. Given his proven leadership skills, technical proficiency, and a keen understanding of the software industry’s dynamics, Tyler is poised to steer TotalSDR toward groundbreaking success.