Jake Lewis in a gray suit and off-blue tie with a corsage.
Jake Lewis’s vast experience as a leader and team builder, honed over years in sales operations at various high-profile tech companies, equips him with the insights and skills necessary for co-founding TotalSDR, demonstrating his aptitude for steering strategic direction and fostering a thriving business environment.

Jake Lewis, an accomplished leader with an impressive career trajectory, stands at the forefront of the Sales Operations space, having held significant roles in companies like Rockset, Instana, and Moogsoft. His demonstrated prowess in areas such as complex problem solving, technical support, analytical skills, and sales have set him apart in the industry. With each role, he has strengthened his leadership capabilities, ensuring seamless operation and growth of his teams while adapting to the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

In his last role as Director of Sales Operations at Rockset, Jake leveraged his expertise to drive successful outcomes, marking his tenure with robust growth and innovation for nearly two years. Previously, he excelled as a Salesforce Business Analyst and SFDC Admin at AppDynamics, providing strategic insights and contributing to their operational efficiency. Throughout his career, Jake has gained comprehensive experience in CRM administration and development, quote to cash, territory management, and process flow mapping, among others, thereby validating his reputation as an all-rounded Sales Operations professional.

As Jake steps into his new role as co-founder of TotalSDR, his vast leadership experience and his robust understanding of the dynamics of sales operations are poised to be invaluable assets. The transition from being an established professional in a field to pioneering a startup requires not just technical knowledge but also entrepreneurial courage, strategic thinking, and vision. Given Jake’s record as a seasoned and successful leader in sales operations, there’s little doubt that he’ll apply these same qualities to his latest endeavor, setting the stage for the growth and success of TotalSDR.